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Hantro H2

Hantro H2’s modern architecture enables 4K resolution encoding at 60 frames per second on a single core.

Hantro H2 Encoder Control Software

Hantro H2 Block Diagram

  • HEVC Main10, Main and Main Still Profile
  • VP9 Profile 0
  • Supported image size up to 4096x8192
  • B-frame support for higher compression rates 
    • 16% bitrate savings compared to H2V1
  • Temporal denoise filtering
  • Reference frame compression to optimize the memory bandwidth
  • Legacy formats supported through Hantro H1 Encoder
    • H1 and H2 under common top-level using shared SRAM
  • Legacy formats supported through Hantro H1 Encoder
  • Full hardware implementation
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • Completely off-loads the system CPU
  • High DRAM latency resilience up to 1000 cycles

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