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GPUs have increasingly been used in general purpose compute applications inside high performance computers (AKA super computers), workstations, PCs, mobile devices and IoT devices. The applications range from weather forecasting, oil exploration, cognitive computing (AKA neural network), radar signal processing, voice recognition, image recognition and more.

Vivante CC8000 Series Compute IP cores define a set of high-performance compute processor cores that deliver exceptional acceleration for OpenCL™ applications on various devices. The IP can be delivered in a variety of area configurations and execution unit counts. An optional Texture module is available.

  • Vivante CC8000 has 32 Processing Elements, which are virtual scalar processors, the fundamental, programmable computational units that perform integer, single-precision floating-point, double-precision floating-point, and transcendental operations. In the Vivante design an OpenCL work item could execute on up to 4 different processing elements concurrently.
  • Vivante CC8400 has 4 Compute Units and provides 128 Processing Elements for OpenCL.

An optimized software stack, complete software development tools, and a growing application ecosystem are supported by a robust pipeline designed for the industry-standard OpenCL APIs, and with full support for Linux embedded development platforms.

CC8000 Series IP supports the following compute processing APIs:

  • OpenCL 1.1
  • OpenCL 1.2

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CC8000 CC8400

OpenCL 1.1

OpenCL 1.2

OpenCL 1.1

OpenCL 1.2

Silicon Area in 28nm (mm2) 4 16
Clock Speed (MHz) 1000 1000
Compute Units 1 4
Processing Elements 32 128
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