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Arcturus Graphics IP

The latest Arcturus series graphics and compute cores address the need for power, performance, and area efficiency in 3D graphics rendering and computing. The Arcturus GC8000 cores are fully packed with cutting-edge features accessible through the latest industry standard APIs, including Vulkan, OpenGL ES, DirectX, OpenCL, OpenVG, and OpenVX.

The next generation ScalarMorphic™ architecture in the Arcturus cores includes hardware acceleration for photo-realistic 3D graphics, increased computational throughput, and the latest compression engine for reduced bandwidth. All these bleeding-edge technologies, combined with Vivante design innovations, deliver the most performance per square millimeter of silicon per milliwatt.

The Arcturus GC8000 core brings cost-effective desktop-level graphics and compute technologies to mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, TVs, automotive applications and embedded devices. Customized feature sets can be delivered to allow customers to balance their needs for area efficiency and performance requirements.

  • Vivante GC8000 with the XS option includes a Tessellation and Geometry pipeline, with conformance for OpenGL ES 3.2 and Android Extension Pack (AEP).
  • Vivante GC8000 with the VX option includes a Vision Processing Engine which provides accelerated vision and imaging processing. Conformance for OpenVX 1.0.1 and a set of VivanteVX API and Extensions provide an optimal solution that also has the benefits of silicon efficiency and adaptability that developers require for distinct embedded use cases across a wide spectrum from security cameras to automotive applications.
  • Vivante GC8000 has 32 Processing Elements for OpenCL, which are virtual scalar processors, the fundamental, programmable computational units that perform integer, single-precision floating-point, double-precision floating-point, and transcendental operations.
  • The Arcturus design also includes additional options for performance and compression.
  • The Vivante GC8200 and 8400 provide for aggregation of compute devices for efficient distribution of workload between devices.

Building on success across a wide range of market segments, Vivante support for operating systems now includes the latest Android, ChromeOS, GoogleTV, Linux, Windows, QNX, Green Hills, and other ISV platforms. An optimized software stack, complete software development tools, and a growing application ecosystem are supported by a robust pipeline designed for the industry-standard APIs.

GC8000UL GC8000L GC8000 GC8200 GC8400 GC8800
GPU Gtri/sec 0.33 0.67 0.67 1.3 2.7 5.3
vec4 Shaders 2 4 8 32 64 128
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