IP 组合
Display Controller IP

Embedded Vivante Pixel Processor and Display Controller

Vivante Display Controllers are designed to address the growing demands for efficient display solution from low-power devices to high-performance SoC.

The DCNano display controller is driven by the wearable products, which demand for the lowest power and most compact silicon footprint. The DC8000 display controller is developed for complex SoC driving 4K2K display, which constantly operate on extreme low bandwidth condition. Each Display Controller IP is built from proven efficient pixel processing technology scalable to cover wide range of applications.

  • DCNano: extreme compact in silicon area, extreme low power for wearable and MCU, scalable up-to 1080p.
  • DC8000: high performance, addressing 4K and 8K products, with built-in rich set of capabilities such as composition, scaling, rotation to lower the overall system bandwidth.

Vivante’s display controller has been deployed in various product segments like wearables, high end surveillance cameras, TV processors, and automotive application processors. The flexible display interfaces, such as MIPI DBI (Type A, B, C) and SPI provides the power-efficient interface from display controller to display panel. The built-in pixel processing engine is both versatile and configurable, including scaling, blending, rotation, color conversion, dither and more. It provides system flexibility, lower bandwidth and lower power given less trips to and from DDR. The embedded decompress or module will consume directly the compressed data produced by VeriSilicon’s IPs as well as third-party IPs. This delivers even lower bandwidth and power.

DCNano is best fit for wearable, MCU, and battery-based IoT devices. DC8000 is suitable for mobile, multi-media, automotive, and large scale IoT markets. Each Display Controller IP is the best companion and tuned to work seamlessly and efficiently with other VeriSilicon’s IPs family.

Vivante Display Controller (DC) software includes a stand-alone kernel module DC driver that can work with a Linux framebuffer driver. The Vivante driver includes control mechanisms which allow users to implement customized applications and drivers using the Vivante DC – specific API (Application Programming Interface).