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Vivante is the market leader and largest provider of vector graphics IP cores in the automotive market. New technologies built around vector graphics can be enabled in next generation applications, including the latest hardware accelerated instrument cluster, user interface, web browsers and APIs for crisp and sharp fonts, lines, images, and documents. Vector Graphics functionality is built into Vivante 3D GPU IP, and is also available as dedicated vector graphics IP.

  • Vivante GC355 IP supports the OpenVG™ 1.1 API specification. Additional VG features can be unlocked through our VivanteVG API extension to create other eye catching effects. This IP targets the latest HMI and instrument clusters that require a dedicated vector graphics engine with QoS (Quality of Service). QoS ensures vector based needle renderings on dials are precise, clean, and fast without adding load to the 3D GPU or CPU/MCU.

  • Vivante GCNanoLiteV is designed from the ground up to work within the limitations of highly memory footprint, power and compute resource constrained MCU/MPU solutions including embedded flash memory configurations. These features are absolutely essential for building efficient embedded systems targeting the next generation of displays to meet rising consumer expectations for graphics intensive man-machine interaction. GCNanoLiteV IP can be customized to work efficiently in real-time stream or on-the-fly rendering schemes that do not require a frame-buffer, either off-chip (DDR/DRAM) or on-chip (SRAM). Render timing is guaranteed at a fixed frame-rate (FPS), which generally matches with the sensor rate this core is integrated with. This scheme applies to any resolution target at a given clock frequency on a specific technology node.

OpenVG logo imageVivante VGLite APIVivanteVG API

hardware accelerated instrument cluster

The platform independent Vivante VGLite™ API has been designed to keep its memory footprint to a minimum. This simple, lightweight API and software architecture make customization easy while minimizing memory footprint. An optimized software stack complete with developer tools and an extensive application ecosystem are supported by our vector graphics pipelines.

  • Vector Graphics Functions:
  • Rasterization
  • Transformation
  • Clip and Mask
  • sRGB color conversion
  • YUV422 & YUV420 conversion
  • Path and Stroke generation
  • Paint generation
  • Fill rules
  • Fast clear
  • Transparency
  • Image Filtering and Interpolation
  • Porter-Duff Blending
  • Platform Support:
  • Linux
  • Android
  • RTOS
  • QNX
  • Windows Embedded Compact

GC355 GCNanoLiteV

OpenVG 1.1


Vivante VGLite

Vivante VGLite
Silicon Area in 40nm (mm2) 0.9 0.4
Clock Speed (MHz) 100-400 100-400
Pixel Rate (M Pix/s) 100-400 100-400
DDRLess Option No Yes
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