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Hantro G2

Hantro G2 is a scalable IP solution providing an optimized silicon area depending on target market and performance requirements varying from leading edge 4K@60 fps for e.g. Ultra-HD TV, to industry standard 1080p HD, or to lower tier SD resolution for feature phones, etc.

Hantro G2 is industry’s first IP to support 4K@60 fps with a single-core architecture using 2 million logic gates.Hantro G2 represents the 13th generation of Hantro Video IP, the market leading video semiconductor IP deployed in billion of chips and used by more than 100 semiconductor companies worldwide.

  • World's first single-core 4k@60fps video decoder IP
  • Supported video formats
    • HEVC Main Profile up to Level 5.1 
    • HEVC Main 10 Profile up to Level 5.1 
    • VP9 Profile 0 
    • VP9 Profile 2 
  • Legacy formats supported through Hantro G1 decoder
    -G1 and G2 under common top-level and shared SRAM
  • Full hardware implementation
  • Reference Frame Compression
    • reduces the bandwidth up to ~40%
  • Legacy formats will be integrated into G2 architecture later on
  • 233 mW power consumption at 4K@60fps (TSMC28HPM, slow, worst case)
  • 310 MHz minimum clock frequency at 4K@60fps
    - Mere 29 MHz at 1080p@30fps
  • Multichannel support
    - Up to 8 simultaneous 1080p@30fps channels
  • High DRAM latency resilience
  • Scalable logic area and SRAM

For more information, please contact us at vsi_video_sales@verisilicon.com