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Designing unique consumer and industrial electronic products increasingly focuses on the need for optimal combination of hardware and software through a customized silicon solution. ’One size fits all’ standard products rarely achieve the perfect balance between a chip’s performance, power, cost and customers' applications. Added to this, time-to-market pressure does not allow the luxury of a traditional IDM (integrated device manufacturer) model, which requires investment of multiple millions of dollars over a number of years.

VeriSilicon addresses the challenge of meeting the needs of application-centric products, design and manufacturing flexibility, time-to-market, and cost.

We do this through silicon validated and application proven SoC (System-on-a-Chip) platforms and IP (both hard and soft), based on our systems expertise in CPU, audio, video, graphics, wireless and smart power. Through many years of internal development and collaboration with established third party IP vendors, VeriSilicon has assembled a broad portfolio of industry leading IP and platforms, and can assist customers to evaluate, and balance the needs of an application in terms of performance, power and cost.

Our platform-based SoC design solution shortens the design cycle, enhances quality and reduces risk. We have averaged one customer tape out per week for the past five years, establishing a robust, efficient design and verification flow, and enabling EDA and design infrastructure savings to be passed on to our customers. These designs are manufactured at industry leading foundries from 0.18um to 28nm, and a variety of specialty processes such as SOI and high voltage CMOS. In addition, VeriSilicon provides advanced package and substrate design service that further reduces SoC cost and improves system performance.

Our custom silicon solutions offers customers full flexibility of SoC architecture design, IP selection, foundry and process mix to deliver silicon with optimized performance, power and cost. Since 2009, over one billion chips have been manufactured based on our SiPaaS solution, involving many foundry, packaging and test partner.

Bring your design and system needs to VeriSilicon: we can work together to bring ‘on-time’ and ‘right-first-time’ silicon to market.