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IoT Platform

IoT bannerIoT forms a vast network of devices that sense, communicate or interact with each other. These connected devices are found in various end markets like industrial, consumer, automotive and home. The required CPU/MCU performance, features, power consumption, communication protocol, and cost of IoT chips differ in each market. An off-the-shelf standard chip is not flexible enough to comprehend these fragmented markets and requirements, compromising performance, and user experience. VeriSilicon’s IoT Platform solves this challenge by implementing custom silicon with optimal performance that is also low risk, low cost and fast time-to-market.

VeriSilicon’s IoT platform consists of the following key subsystem building blocks and tools: low power communication interface, sensor interface, CPU/MCU, power management IP, low power memory and standard cell library, package design and a FPGA prototype system for concurrent engineering. The subsystems can be individually optimized to support various IoT applications, thus providing customization capability. All building blocks are already silicon proven on 55nm process, can be integrated into a SoC and introduced to market very rapidly.

IoT Platform

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