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HD Audio Platforms

VeriSilicon is a leading provider of audio processing solutions for embedded systems worldwide. Our software and hardware has been integrated into many mass-market consumer products by tier-1 customers and provides a compelling solution for almost any embedded audio application.

We have proven expertise in providing flexible, effective solutions for mobile products (including Android handsets), DTV, Blu-ray and others -- from very high-end systems to minimal low-cost products, and enjoy significant market share in many of these markets. For further information, please click on the links below.

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Our audio solutions can incorporate most available codecs, including the latest from Dolby, DTS and others, as well as post-processing, filtering and more. We also understand the certification process that many products must undergo, and we guarantee that, for their part, our solutions will allow the customer’s product to pass the relevant certification tests.

In addition to audio, VeriSilicon can also include voice processing (such as “beamforming”, noise reduction, echo cancellation, voice recognition, voice codecs, etc), video and graphics processing as part of a solution package.

VeriSilicon's solutions can include control and interface software for the host CPU, for example by providing an OpenMAX interface layer. This enables the audio subsystem to be regarded as a true "black box" by the customer, speeding time-to-market and allowing our customer's development teams to focus on adding further value to other aspects of their product. Naturally, should our customer wish, VeriSilicon can also provide individual modules for the customer to incorporate in their system.

We work flexibly with our customers to recommend and provide the most effective combination of software and hardware IP for each application. Most requirements can be met with a combination of off-the-shelf proven modules selected for the best combination of cost, performance and low power consumption, but should the need arise VeriSilicon can also develop new modules to satisfy any unique requirements that a customer may have.

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VeriSilicon's audio solutions are based on the ZSP family of licensable DSP cores, and VeriSilicon provides a one-stop-shop for all related audio software and development tools. We provide full support for the whole solution package, ensuring a fast, smooth process from initial concept discussions to mass production.

The solutions are available for licensing to customers to integrate into their own SoC design, or they can be included as part of a custom chip design from VeriSilicon’s turnkey team.

Please contact your nearest VeriSilicon office for further details or to discuss any particular requirements.