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Product Engineering Service

This service is offered to take product from prototyping to mass production in a timely manner. It also provides coordination among different parts of the manufacturing service by using sophisticated engineering data analysis tools as well as the Tango system and advanced FA (failure analysis) methodology as well as Design-For-Production (DFP), so as to expedite product time-to-market and time-to-volume.

  • Early involvement at design stage for DFM
  • Bench test and device characterization
  • Device qualification
  • Yield Improvement and Low Yield Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • RMA engineering analysis
  • Turnkey project coordination and management
  • New product introduction
  • Make schedule for wafer, package and testing
  • Production release
  • Production sustaining

Tango system is a Data Management System which is used for WAT (Wafer Accept Test) + CP (Chip Probing) + FT (Final Test) + STDF data maintain and analysis.

In-house Tool Diagram


DFP (Design / Diagnose-For-Production) is a dynamic FA solution.

DFP can combine various silicon knowledge bases with production requirements in different verification phases to shorten the time-to-market and enable very high hit rates for timing-related issues.

Advanced FA Methodology - DFP Solution 


Dynamic Analysis Technologies