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Quality and Reliability
ISO9001 certification

VeriSilicon has established comprehensive quality and reliability management system in the whole turn-key flow services. We achieved ISO9001 certification from May 2006 at Shanghai site and include Taiwan Operation in from Nov 2010.

ISO27001 certification

VeriSilicon has established information security management system in the company. We achieved ISO27001 certification from Jan 2008 at Shanghai site.

Reliability Assurance of VeriSilicon is made by a comprehensive reliability qualification test plan and execution followed closely; continuous improvements are implemented if necessary to satisfy customer’s requirement before mass production.

The general reliability qualification test flows and reference standards are illustrated as below. The detailed items and specification are determined by the product field application and customer’s requirement.

General reliability qualification test flows
  • NOTE:
  • HBM: Human Body Mode
  • MM: Machine Mode
  • CDM: Charged Device Mode
  • HTOL: High Temperature Operating Life
  • HTS: High Temperature Storage
  • TC: Temperature Cycle
  • uHAST: unbiased Highly Accelerated Stress Test

VeriSilicon also care about the continuous reliability performance for a product running into mass production, ORM (Ongoing Reliability Monitoring) will be taken into consideration during mass production.