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Success Stories

VeriSilicon has proven its SoC designs in hundreds of customers' first silicon successes. We have extensive experience and value in chip characterization and qualification to mass production with a strong operations team.

In one example, VeriSilicon successfully delivered a SoC design from 0.18um to 28nm technology, from spec to GDS, RTL to GDS and gate-level netlist to GDS for mass production. VeriSilicon design methodologies are based on experience of the challenges in multi-million gates designs, GHz operating frequency, noise coupling, static and dynamic IR drop, at-speed DFT/memory BIST, low power ATPG, multi-power domains, dynamic voltage frequency scaling (DVFS), high-speed package design, SiP, design for manufacturing (DFM) requirements and SoC verification.

VeriSilicon has also delivered many SoC projects on first silicon successes with in-house digital SoC platform (core + IP).

UHD 4K video co-processor UHD 4K video co-processor Spec-to-mass production
Quad Core Five Mode Processor Quad Core, Five Mode Processor Netlist-to-GDS
Application Processor Application Processor Netlist-to-GDS
3D Video Sensing  3D Video Sensing Netlist-to-mass production
DTV Panel Processor SoC DTV Panel Processor SoC Netlist-to-mass production
MEMS Sensor SiP MEMS Sensor SiP Netlist-to-mass production
Touch Screen for Window 8 Based Ultrabook Touch Screen for Window 8 Based Ultrabook Netlist-to-mass production
Game-player Game-player Spec-to- mass production
Gravity Sensor Gravity Sensor Netlist-to-mass production
Handwriting Recognition Handwriting Recognition Spec-to-mass production
Custom Silicon from Specification Custom Silicon from Specification Spec-to-mass production