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Audio for Mobile

Tablet imageVeriSilicon’s class leading audio solutions provide the perfect balance of performance with low power consumption and unit cost. With our long experience in this market, our solutions have been continuously refined to give world-class solutions that meet the ever changing needs of this demanding industry.

Mobile products generally, and “smart” devices in particular, are seeing a rapid increase in the expected level of audio processing capability. Many systems now need to have processing capability similar to or even exceeding non-mobile systems such as TVs and DVD players while still maintaining very low power consumption and meeting aggressive pricing targets.

Mobile imageVeriSilicon has considerable experience of working with key players in these markets and has a deep understanding of these requirements, as well as related requirements including voice processing and video. Our solutions have been tuned to give class-leading cost/performance and power/performance.

VeriSilicon’s solutions are based on the ZSP family of embedded DSP cores. These enable much lower power and higher performance audio and voice solutions than simply running standard software on the host CPU.

With VeriSilicon’s packaged software + hardware solutions, including all DSP software and host CPU control and driver software layers based on OpenMAX, our sub-systems can be integrated into Android, Linux and other OpenMAX compatible systems with almost no effort. Customer's can also take advantage of VeriSilicon’s design service capabilities to help with any individual requirements, whether they are unique processing features or customized system integration.

Please contact your nearest VeriSilicon office for further details or to discuss any particular requirements.