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VeriSilicon's class leading audio solutions can deliver the highest levels of performance for the most demanding audio applications. Our software and hardware IP can meet all the requirements of home theater, media-centers, Blu-ray and other premium applications.

We fully recognize that products in these cutting edge categories often have unique requirements, and VeriSilicon's unique blend of off-the-shelf software and hardware modules combined with custom design services is ideally suited to helping customers achieve their objectives with minimum cost and fast time-to-market.

Home theater systems require the best. From the highest performance audio codecs to the most comprehensive post-processing, often including many specialized or custom processing algorithms. For Blu-ray, our systems can meet the full requirements of the Blu-ray audio specification including all optional processing, greatly exceeding the requirements of the most demanding logo certification program. In terms of post-processing, standard modules such as those from DTS and Dolby can be supported, and extensive filtering including EQ and speaker management can all be provided. We also recognize that many customers in this market have their own proprietary algorithms, and these can also be accommodated within our solutions.

VeriSilicon's solutions exploit the power of the ZSP900A embedded DSP core. Many systems can be implemented with a single core, greatly simplifying software development. Solutions can also use multiple cores efficiently where appropriate, and in particularly demanding cases we can incorporate hardware accelerators to ensure the best blend of processing performance and software algorithm flexibility.

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