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While high-end theater systems, “smart” devices and similar products get a lot of media attention, VeriSilicon recognizes there are many simpler products that are just as important. These systems can include anything from “mp3” players, headphone enhancement, microphone processing, voice recognition, music synthesis and many others.

Such systems typically require relatively limited functionality that “just works”, delivered reliably and with very low cost and power, and often with no host CPU present – meaning the audio system must be completely self managing.

VeriSilicon’s ZSP range of embedded DSPs includes cores that are perfectly suited to these types of applications, and we can also provide a very wide range of software modules together with hardware and software integration services. We can provide individual building blocks, or the entire pre-integrated and tested sub-system.

In addition to core audio processing IP, we can also include related analog and mixed signal IPs including ADC and DAC as part of the packaged solution – further smoothing the customer’s design process and minimizing cost and risk.

Please contact your nearest VeriSilicon office for further information or to discuss your particular requirements.