SiPaaS Solutions
Mobile Platforms

In recent years, the voice application market has seen a major paradigm shift. It has evolved from traditional devices like IP phones, ATAs and CPEs, to the latest feature-integrated, converged devices such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Conferencing systems
  • Auto infotainment systems
  • Surveillance devices
  • Interactive cloud gaming systems
  • Internet-connected devices


The requisite feature integration coupled with the multi-modal usage of devices as communication, consumer and computing devices, essentially mandates that customers adopt a flexible platform approach based on powerful programmable processor architecture. Mobile application processor platforms, offering the appropriate combination of low-power, high-performance, low-cost, smaller-area, and adequate feature differentiation through software solutions, have now become the norm in the industry.

To effectively meet the diverse requirements of the mobile application processor platforms, VeriSilicon provides a family of licensable ZSP cores based on a powerful RISC instruction set that offer the right power/performance/area/cost tradeoff to customers.

The availability of an extensive suite of field-proven and mature voice and HD-audio SW solutions on ZSP cores, coupled with the low-power multi-format Hantro hardware video codec IP and 2D/3D graphics engine, allows VeriSilicon's customers to leverage these solutions, and develop re-usable and scalable mobile platforms with reduced risk, lower cost, and a faster time-to-market.

Customers can also leverage VeriSilicon’s vast expertise in SW/HW platform integration and customization through turn-key (TK) services, to develop an optimal custom platform to effectively meet specific requirements, and differentiate from competing products in the market.

VeriSilicon's offers the latest multi-microphone beamforming, hands-free voice trigger, speaker verification / user-authentication, speaker-dependent voice recognition and speaker-independent voice recognition technologies. In conjunction with acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and noise reduction (NR) technologies, these are expected to enrich the user-experience on mobile platforms even further, through the revolutionary hands-free, voice-activated search and recognition capabilities.

Please contact your nearest VeriSilicon office for further details and to discuss your specific requirements.