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Traditional Applications

VeriSilicon offers industry-leading and field-proven voice software solutions optimally implemented on our ZSP digital signal processors. ZSP cores offer the performance per mW power consumption at the right optimal area, enabling customers to build scalable and re-usable voice platforms based on VeriSilicon IPs.

VeriSilicon ZSP cores and voice software technologies have been shipping in several tier-1 customer solutions worldwide in a diverse range of products including ATAs, CPEs, integrated access devices (IADs), IP phones, VoWiFi devices, and residential and enterprise gateways.

More recently, mobile application processor platforms such as smartphones and tablets have also successfully leveraged VeriSilicon HW and voice SW solutions effectively to enable applications like VoIP conferencing, VoIP (voice + video) conferencing, and surveillance among others.

Recent trends in consumer electronic and infotainment devices include the incorporation of hands-free voice trigger and voice recognition as the natural user interface for customers to interact with devices and leverage their full capabilities with tremendous ease of use.

In addition to HW and SW IP licensing, VeriSilicon also offers HW and SW platform integration and customization turnkey services to customers, tailored to effectively address your platform requirements. Feature differentiation is provided to customers through customer-proprietary IP integration and SW algorithm porting to the ZSP core embedded in the customized voice platform. VeriSilicon also has ZSP based development boards (see Fig 1. ZSP based audio-voice platform) for quick internal prototyping, software porting and integration, and voice quality-assessment purposes.

ZSP based audio-voice platform An example ZSP voice subsystem with integrated Beamforming, AEC, and other voice codecs
Fig 1. ZSP based audio-voice platform

Fig 2. An example ZSP voice subsystem with integrated Beamforming, AEC, and other voice codecs

  • Employs zsp400 based VSI407LP reference silicon
  • Incorporates 4 A/D and 4 D/A channels
  • Includes USB I/O and JTAG debug interfaces
  • SD card support is included (ability to record 4 channels at 48KHz sampling rate)
  • Optional PIC32 Host-processor card with Ethernet support
  • Industry-leading DSP architecture for cost effective and scalable performance
  • Mature and field-proven voice software solutions, delivering a high-quality voice experience to end-users
  • Ease of porting customer proprietary software solutions to ZSP in AV platform
  • Enables seamless integration of different voice components into an integrated Voice solution, enabling quick-turnaround for voice quality evaluation

VeriSilicon software voice solutions are typically implemented using the least possible memory, consuming fewest possible MHz on ZSP cores, while delivering excellent power and area efficiency to customers. The software modules are also designed to allow ease of integration with other elements of the Voice SW subsystem, as needed for different application use-cases.

Fig 2 depicts the SW sub-system where Beamforming, Acoustic Echo Cancellation and other Voice/Audio modules are integrated to deliver a high-quality voice solution on ZSP to end-customers.

VeriSilicon voice platform integration and customization services have been leveraged by many customers worldwide for a broad range of devices including mobile terminals, VoWifi devices, VoIP conferencing systems, Tablets, Smartphones and VoIP Phones.

VeriSilicon and its strong partner eco-system continually invest in technology development ensuring customers always have access to optimal solutions for latest protocols and standards, in tune with market technology trends. The availability of field-proven mature Voice software solutions on ZSP cores for licensing helps reduce the risk, cost, and development time for customers ensuring a faster time-to-market for their end-products.

Please contact your nearest VeriSilicon office for further details and to discuss your specific requirements.